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Not only is it made with natural, locally sourced ingredients, but it is also packaged in a recyclable carton so you can feel good about what you are drinking. You deserve the best! Customers worldwide have discovered the flavours of GoPeasy and take pleasure in knowing that they are contributing positively to the world.

By choosing GoPeasy, you are contributing to a positive impact on nature. We are proud of your choice, and you should be too! If you have not tried the earth-friendly (and tasty) alternative, place an enquiry now.  We aspire to be the leading force in the revolutionary shift towards sustainability.

GoPeasy is made from peas, a sustainable source of nutrition and protein. Affordable and delicious, GoPeasy can be used as an alternative to cow’s milk. Zero waste is always the goal. During the production process, we make sure that nothing goes to waste. The pea mesh left behind is used to develop Fooditive’s vegan casein. Our environment and the way we eat is different from before. We are at a tipping point where many people are moving away from dairy products, whether they do it for health reasons or environmental consciousness.
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