Dark Velvet

Dive into the sea of black forest flavoured waters with GoPeasy Dark Velvet. Who could resist!!
10% protein - 65 kal/200ml - 4,9% fat - 12,6% carbs - 0 sugar
GoPeasy Dark Velvet is a guilt-free midnight snack you can drink. We have taken our love for the classic chocolate flavour and made it better with a healthy twist – the deep, sweet notes of cherries. GoPeasy Dark Velvet combines these two flavours in a way that will leave you wanting more. Enjoy the velvety smooth texture and taste of this decadent drink.
0 water, zoetstof (keto fructose), erwteneiwit, raapzaadolie, aroma's, calciumcarbonaat (E170], verdikkingsmiddel (cellulose (E460], cellulosegum [E466]), emulator (lecithine [E322]).
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